An interesting game from ESPN Arcade, the Return Man 8 provides you the opportunity to play as a quarterback in this football game. You will be the leader and your job is to throw the ball to the receiver. Your timing and synchronization with the receiver should be perfect otherwise the recipient won't be able to catch the ball.

The controls of the game are simple and intuitive. There are two gameplay phases that comprises of the Throw Phase and the Run Phase. For both these phases you need to use the same keys for movement. Similar to the previous games of the Return Man series, the ‘I,’ ‘J,’ ‘K,’ and ‘L’ keys have to be used for movement. You can also use the Arrow keys if you prefer for movement. Space Bar has to be used for Pass. The ‘I,’ ‘J,’ ‘K,’ and ‘L’ keys can also help in positioning the target on the receiver’s path. The Special Moves of the game are ‘A’ key to Pump Fake, ‘S’ key to Pocket Expander, and ‘D’ key for Accuracy. These moves are locked in the beginning, and as you keep progressing further in the game you will be able to unlock them.

You will earn points for clearing each Level in the game. Once you earn a particular score limit, you can procure trophies. Here are the trophies that you can earn in the entire course of the game:
  • The first trophy can be earned when you get 85,000 points.
  • The second trophy can be achieved at 195,000 points.
  • The third one at 330,000 points.
  • The fourth trophy at 400,000 points.
  • The fifth and the final trophy can be earned at 540,000 points.

The Return Man 8 is an engrossing online game that will keep you hooked to your screens. You will come across several tough Levels and crossing them might get difficult. You can consider using the tips mentioned below at the time of completing a tricky level:

  • Don’t wait for too long in the game to pass, as the pocket will collapse and you will lose a life.
  • Extra pass attempts can be achieved by reaching new levels in the game.
  • Each Special Move that you unlock can be used only once per play. So, it is advisable to use these moves for purchasing more time in the pocket.
  • Always ensure that you complete the pass before going to the next level. After the pass completion, you can earn more points for scoring touchdowns.
  • The Special Moves will enable you to earn docked points. So, if you intend to score lots of points then don’t use the Special Moves.
  • You will have complete control on the receiver if the ball is caught by the receiver.
  • The receiver runs on a pre-planned path, so throw the ball accurately. This will help the receiver in catching the ball properly.
  • With time you will become better at it - practice makes perfect! Some of my friends are really good at this game, and that's because they spend so much hours playing it. Now don't get me wrong - I am good at this game as well, but since I don't play it as much as my friends do - they are better than me :)
So, use these strategies to achieve high scores in the addictive Return Man 8 online game, and let your friends envy you.