Return Man 1


Are you ready to play an interesting trophy ranking online game? You can consider playing the Return Man, an engrossing ESPN arcade game. Here is the game’s description, levels, controls, and important tips that have been designed by professional gamers for all those players who want to progress quickly in the game.

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Your main goal in the game is to reach the 75 yards for touchdown without being tackled. In the beginning of the game you will be given three possessions and every time you reach the goal, you will earn one more. These will provide you with many more games to enjoy as well as increase your scores. To save you from the NFL Defenders, you have 3 virtual football players (2 tackle guards and 1 quarterback) to your rescue.

Controlling the game is easy as you just need your keyboard. You need to use the ‘I’ key to Run Forward, ‘J’ key for Left Movement, ‘L’ key for Right Movement, Space Bar to Continue the game, and ‘M’ key is for Mute. Here are some vital strategies that you should follow in order to make your game simpler:

  • Try to unlock the special moves quickly as they will help you in playing well; ‘A’ key is for Juke, ‘S’ key is for Hurdle and ‘D’ key is for Afterburner.
  • Try to avoid the Defenders as much as you can.
  • Once you reach the end zone, you will receive a reward (possession).
  • Earn as many trophies as you can.
  • You cannot run backwards so be careful while trying to reach the goal.
  • Unlock several special moves as you reach new stages. These moves will keep you away from the Defenders.
  • Run as fast as you can over the lightning bolts so that you can earn bonus points.

The game is extremely challenging, which makes it one of the most popular online games. As you keep progressing in the game, you can earn several trophies. These trophies are based on the scores that you acquire. So, if you are unable to reach that score, then you can start playing the game all over again. In short, you need to work hard for earning the trophy. You can keep a track of you score card by checking the top right of each game page.

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  • The first trophy can be earned when you reach the 8000 score limit.
  • The second trophy will be earned after reaching at 16,000 points.
  • Similarly, the third trophy can be earned at 27,000 points.
  • The fourth one at 35,000 points.
  • And, the fifth one at 42,000 points.

These trophies will keep you engrossed in the game as you would want to earn more and more of them. Earning them is not easy, but don’t give up! The feeling of an earned trophy is just amazing and worth experiencing. Earning several trophies in this game is a great way to show off your skills. So, get ready to leave your pals behind in the amazing Return Man online game.